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I'm Damali Fils, a Beauty Business Coach dedicated to guiding you towards success in both your personal and professional endeavors.


As a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and author of "Travel Notice: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Traveling Hair Stylist," I bring a wealth of experience to the table.

My expertise lies in empowering hair stylists to elevate their businesses, boost revenue, and expand their clientele.


If you're seeking strategies to attract high-end clients, foster a loyal customer base, and increase your income, you've found the right partner in me!


You're Not Alone

Embark on your journey to business triumph with our 30-minute Stylist Success Session—a personalized coaching call tailored for hair stylists eager to elevate their beauty business. 


Welcome Stylistpreneurs!

Damali Fils is dedicated to empowering your beauty journey through a range of comprehensive services designed to elevate your skills, knowledge, and success in the dynamic world of beauty entrepreneurship.


Business Planning 

"Unlock Your Styling Success with Our Business Planning Service! Elevate your hairstyling venture with expert guidance on strategic planning, financial management, and tailored business insights. Turn your passion into profit effortlessly and confidently. Book now for a transformative journey to salon success!"


Goal Setting 

"Set the Stage for Success! Elevate your hairstyling career with our Goal Setting Service. Craft personalized roadmaps for achievement, clarify your vision, and make your dreams a stunning reality. Unleash your potential and book now to sculpt a future of beauty and success!"


Social Media Planning 

"Strand Out on Social Media! Elevate your salon's online presence with our Social Media Planning Service. Let us weave together a captivating strategy tailored for your hairstyling business. Boost visibility, engage clients, and watch your brand flourish. Book now to make your social media shine!"

"Level up your beauty career—grab your copy today and glam up your journey to success!"

"Don't miss out on The Stylistpreneur Podcast – tune in now for the beauty insights you've been craving!"


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Stylists in Business


Stylistpreneurs Success Stories

Rondell, Hair Stylist

Damali has mentored me for the past two years. Her book Travel Notice has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Damali has been a mentor to me with her creativity, business practices, and customer service skills. Travel Notice is a great guide and I am glad Damali wrote it. I will continue to appreciate her as a resource and hope she continues on her journey in business.

Aicha, Hair Stylist 

Damali has outlined detailed steps that will help any seasoned or new stylist enhance their career and increase their profits with budget plans and resources that will help to prosper in their traveling ventures.

Kiara, Hair Stylist

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