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Really understanding your business is vital to your success as an entrepreneur. Staying organizing? Just as important!

The problem is that putting those two things together can be a difficult. No matter what business you’re in! Blogger, handmade biz, coaching, direct sales, you name it. Organization is key and can feel overwhelming.

Which is why I created the 360 Woman Business Workbook

Business Coach| Entreprenuer| Author

Live Your Best Life

Damali Fils is a Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Author. Her goal is to assist women in living their best lives both professionally and personally.

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This workbook is designed to help you really know your business, your audience and stay on top of important tasks like goal setting, social media and your market.

But truly, it’s so much more than a goal setting planner. The 360 Woman Business Planning Workbook includes pages like

  • Your Business

  • Your Month at a Glance

  • Annual Goals

  • Project Plans

  • Expenses

  • Social Media

  • And more!

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