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It's NOT What you know BUT who you know!

This is a simple but widely used phrase "It's NOT what you know BUT who you know". Several ppl have congratulated me on moving to New York and quickly getting started in the beauty industry styling hair. Welp! I wouldn't be able to do this without the "who you know"! My "who you know" started with my home team dream team: photographer Dion Burton, make up artist Carissa Mosley and wardrobe stylist Melizza Williams. My very first photo shoot in New York consisted of everyone with the exception of Carissa Mosley. However we were joined by model Maria and make up artist Emma Berley. From there the photo shoots started rolling in! Thanks to Florida makeup artist Carissa Mosley I was connected with New York makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran, who in return connected me to 3 other makeup artists, 4 photographers, 5 wardrobe stylist and over 10 agency models. Meeting all of these awesome artist have kept me on my feet and active on the New York beauty scene. With each shoot I've traveled to a new area which really helps being new to New York. It's been a pleasure working with such amazing artist who all are like-minded and like myself; following their dreams. So I say all this to say; make sure you're good to the people you know and value because they could be the every person to help or hinder you! Your education and self knowledge will only take you so far! Stay tuned...

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