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Styling Vicky Judy of "The Orange is the New Black"

It's all in the creativity of the stylist and his or her products.

I was so excited to work with The Orange is the New Black actress Vicki Juedy. Although I had only watched a couple of the episode... I had heard so many wonderful things about the show. At Indique Studios we have what we call, "Influencers" someone who is thriving in there profession whether it be beauty, fashion or acting. Someone who can represent the brand well while both looking amazing in both the Indique hair and hair styles. Vicky Juedy came in full of laughter wearing a big contagious smile. She had her mind set on a cute curly as per the picture she brought in. I love when clients bring a reference picture so that I can create that look on them and of course add my special touch. The reference reminded me of a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle (short, cute and sassy). But wait....did I mention that Vicky Judy has THE most gorgeous hair in the world! She has beautiful coils that are nearly perfect. We began by unraveling her neat pony tail warn towards the back of her head... Which was quite deceptive as I've begun to shampoo her hair. Gosh she has hair for days!!! Once we got her all shampooed and blown out straight...we moved right into corn rowing her now lushly long strands. This process move along quite quickly....while we laughed and chit chatted. Her witty attitude kept the videographer/photographer and makeup artist in a constant laughter. So now that the corn rows were in place. It was time for the real magic....a Indique U-Part wig which is great for changing your look in a matter of minutes or even if you are in between hair styles, the U-Part wig works miracles. The best part about the U-Part Wig is that it comes with comes conveniently attached in the inside of the wig. So in a matter of minutes Vicky had a whole new look! Which is exactly what her goal was. But we didn't stop there...oh no! The wig was about 16 inches in snip snip snip away I went. I mean there was chopping with my shears and layering with my Kim Kimble heated razor. By the time I finished the floor was a hairy mess. But...a mess on the floor in turn was the cutest Symmetrical Bob on Vicky. It was a hit...I then used my Babyliss Pro Nano Curling Iron to achieve soft curls. Once I was finished you could instantly see the look on Vicky's face, that she was ecstatic for her new look and ready to execute her audition. All in all everyone was overjoyed with the outcome of Vicky Jeudys new hair look. Stay tuned...I promise there's more.

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