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Beauty Business Brunch & Workshop

Are you networking and meeting the people who will get you to the next level!?! I make sure to attend a ️️networking event at least once a month. By doing so I meet new potential ️️️clients and like minded Entrepreneurs. It's vital to involve yourself with individuals with the same mindset as yourself! I met Carline D at a beauty event in Maryland earlier this year and she informed me that she was having an event for hair stylist to meet and mingle. I'm glad that I decided to attend her ️event. The Beauty Brunch was being held at Woodlands Resturant in Brooklyn. The space was intimate with deem lights. I would say there was about 20-30 attendants. Almost everyone was a hair stylist and if not was in some way or another connected to the beauty ️business. The event kicked off with a light brunch (salad, chicken, waffles and bottomless mimosas). While eating stylist had the opportunity to meet fellow stylist. Conversation included chit chat about client issues to how to increase revenue. After a good bit to eat the event transitioned into the panel discussion portion of the event. On the panel was Monae Everett (hair stylist/ beauty blogger and author), Tanesha Barnes (licensed aesthetician, salon owner and owner of makeup/skin care line) and Antwon Jackson (Emmy award/ hair stylist to Wendy Williams). I've had the pleasure of meeting Monae Everett at another beauty ️event that I attend in the past. I must say that her marketing game is on point! She is guaranteed to have a table full of goodies and in order to receive anything you must be following her on varies social media outlets. Tanesha Barnes was a great panelist as wells. I gained from her story the importance of being business minded. She spoke on her varies businesses and how she managed then all. She is also currently traveling the world sharing her expertise on skin care. Of course I was most interested to see and hear Antwon's story. And he gave an amazing story that included his trails and tribulations. From his story I could hear how passionate and patient he was in his journey to becoming a celebrity hair stylist. Most importantly he spoke on attending the Crystal Wright Portfolio Building class which I plan to take in October 2016. I was able to ask question pertaining to attending the class and how I could prepare. It is evident that Antwon's success can be related to his faith and belief in Christ. Overall it was a wonderful event. The event a allowed for networking, an informative Q and A section and opportunity to get answer for my career that I couldn't have gotten any where else. Stay tuned...

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