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Weave or Wig On Your Special Day?

Are you debating whether or not to wear a weave or wig on your special day? If your current hair is really short or you natural hair this is a really good question to consider!

If you're thinking about wearing a weave consider the following:

Have you ever had a weave before?

Some of us are no stranger to wearing hair extensions but for some brides it will be a first. Which can be exciting but scary. So considering while you would love to look fabulous in your big day you also don't want to look un-be-weave-able!!! Make sure to seek a professional who specializes in hair extensions; more importantly extensions that have natural appeals.

If your natural and would like to avoid frizz, YES I would recommend wearing a weave, closure, Frontal. Be ware that if your stylist doesn't not know how to lay a Frontal or closure you maybe in trouble. If they are done incorrectly they will appear unnatural!

The benefits of wearing a weave is that you know it's attached, there will be no doubt! It's not coming off! Also you'll be able to wear it in a pony tail, bun or pretty much style it however you'd like!

I don't not have any cons on wearing a weave on your special day! As long as your stylist lays the tracks according to how you plan to wear your hair you'll be fine!

Or you could wear a wig...

(Above is my client Candace who wore a sew-in with a leave-out; hair worn up to side with pin curls)

Thinking about purchasing a wig consider the following:

I'll start with the biggest fear!! Will it fall off??? If you do not properly install/attach the wig YES there is a possibility that it could fall off. I've worn wigs for years and never had an accident.

With advancements in the beauty industry, wigs now appeal as if it's your hair or a greatly installed weave!

Now if you e never worn a wig, I wouldn't try it for the first time for your wedding. It's something you have to get use to. Wigs can feel like your wearing a hat.


If you are a bride that would like to wear your hair up...this could be tricky, you would need to have a full lace wig or weave with a 360 hair piece.

However if you plan to wear your hair down, wearing a wigs is a great options. Wigs are also great for brides dealing with hair loss, alopecia or a thinning hair line.

If you are considering a wig because you are natural, I'd say that I have seen beautiful natural bridal style worn without weave or wigs.

(Above is one of my clients who wore her natural 4c hair, in two strand twisted into a bun; with braiding hair added for fullness)

Which should you choose?

Now that I have given my opinion...I'll be honest as a hair stylist and past bride. Although I wear wigs 75% of the time, I did NOT wear a wig on my wedding day. I wore a weave with some of my natural hair left out.

Reason being, I wanted my hair to look as natural as possible that day and wanted my natural scalp to show. I was also relaxed at that time (I'm now natural).

My overall advice would be to wear what you are most comfortable with and to consider how the weather on your special day may impact your hair.

(Myself wearing a sew-in with a leave out, hair worn down to the side)

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