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Traveling Hair Stylist Q&A

Ever wonder just what it means to be a traveling hair stylist?

Here are some of the questions that Ive been asked most as a traveling hair stylist, and the answers.

Where do you stay when traveling?

New York

When I travel to NYC I stay either with a close friend or in an airbnb.

Tampa, Fl

Considering I lived in Tampa for over 10 years, I have both friends and family members that live in the area. Normally I stay with a relative that lives fairly close to the salon that I work at.

San Jose, Ca

I currently live in San Jose, Ca lol so I stay at home. I also service clients in San Fransisco that often transport me back and forth via uber to service them.

Do clients pay for travel my travel expenses?

Yes and no, if the client wants me to travel to them outside of my scheduled trips they pay additional for me to come to them. If I schedule a trip, the travel expense is pretty much included in the service price as all my clients pay and tip well.

How do you get around?

New York

Like a true New Yorker, I take the subway. If I'm not in the mood ill do an uber.

Tampa, Fl

I usually rent a car.

San Jose, Ca

I drive or uber.

Where do you work?

New York

Soho area in Manhattan

Tampa, Fl

South Tampa

San Jose, Ca

Downtown San Jose

How do you obtain clients?

Several were previously my clients when I lived in that state. Otherwise: networking, positioning myself to work in high end busy salons, cross promotions and social media marketing.

Does the salon provide everything?

The salons provide the basics: towels, capes, station. Some of the salons have products and I often leave some products there for when I return.

Do you travel with scissors?

Yes! You can travel with scissors if they aren't too long (check with airline on restrictions).

Do you mail things before hand?

No its either already there or I bring it with me.

How many days is your Travel Notice?

While in NYC Im there for 3-4 days and Tampa, Fl so times as much as two weeks as Im also there visiting family.

Hopefully I have answered so of your questions in regards to a traveling stylist. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

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