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Damali has relocated to Sarasota, Fl!

I’ll be honest with you; I debated whether or not to share the fact that I’ve relocated once again. Not that I have anything to hide but because I know it will raise eyebrows of both excitement and curiosity. I’m clear as to what my dreams and goals consist of but I often forget that outsiders don’t know and could NEVER understand the decisions I make in life.

Starting a new chapter in life is SCARY to say the least. There are so many unknown factors but with this being my 3rd relocation I can say that with each move there’s been great success and priceless experiences.

The most exciting part about relocating is that you get to start over! A brand new place, ppl and experiences. You get to reinvent yourself (if necessary). You also have the opportunity to leave behind the past and anything that doesn’t contribute to the person you’re becoming. With change comes GROWTH.

But the past can also be very hard to leave behind, sometimes I think “I could be styling celebs in NYC” but if that was the case there would be so many opportunities/experiences that I would have missed out on while living in California.

I knew that I’d be experiencing another relocation this year BUT I was expecting it to be late 2018 not April lol! And I never thought the move would be back to Florida🙀😃! What a surprise!

Although I don’t fully see it yet, I know this chapter is a blessing in disguise. I may not be riding past mountains on the freeway or catching subways in NYC but I will be closer my family and friends. Which is what really matters.

Change is difficult, I’ll admit it. But change has also made me who I am today! #resilient and #unstoppable. Change has allowed me to experience things and places that I could have only dreamed of! I’m excited for this new chapter of life😃

With this new chapter and move to Sarasota, Fl, I welcome new opportunities, business connections, friends and new experiences with my hubby! Sarasota, Fl I hope you’re ready for The Fils #FilsAdventures

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