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Life Changing. Influential. Authentic

– Live Your Best Life now!!!

– Set lifestyle focused goals.

– Be more than a hair stylist, be a business!

– Be the creator of your life.

– Make passive income. 

You create the life you desire!




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Client Testimonials

Rondell, Hair Stylist

Damali has mentored me for the past two years. Her book Travel Notice has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Aicha, Hair Stylist 

Damali has been a mentor to me with her creativity, business practices, and customer service skills. Travel Notice is a great guide and I am glad Damali wrote it. I will continue to appreciate her as a resource and hope she continues on her journey in business.

Kiara, Hair Stylist

Damali has outlined detailed steps that will help any seasoned or new stylist enhance their career and increase their profits with budget plans and resources that will help to prosper in their traveling ventures.

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