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10 Benefits of a Custom Unit


Invest in yourself. Spend once, and have your style forever! Long term savings.

Active Friendly

Units are secure! You can work out in your unit, and still look cute! Perfect for a healthy lifestyle. 


"Not ya Granny wigs" Custom wigs are the wave of the future! You can't even tell it's a wig. 


You wont even notice your unit! It's not heavy at all. 

Protective Style

Your hair can rest under your unit. Moisture, wash, and deeop condition often without affecting your swag! Let your hair just GROW! 


Use your unit over and over- they are long lasting! Take care of your unit, and it will last months, even years! 

Custom Made

Your unit is made for YOU! Each is made according to your head size and desired style. 


Be FLAWLESS at all times! You will look and feel superb in your new look. Enhance your beauty honey! 

Easy Install

In 5 minutes or less, your unit can be on, and ready to go. Comes with clips and adjustable straps. Can be sewn down as well. 


Damali Wigs are "husband and boyfriend approved". Men have said they can't notice it's a "wig". 


DETAILS: Description of the desired look of your Damali wig. Please be sure to select all special requests above or they will be billed prior to beginning the order placed, if applicable.

All measurements need to be placed below. Include any special instructions, or information that you would like for Damali Wigs to know below.


Please remember to send all pictures to Pictures must be sent for any Cut and Style!

SHIPPING: Damali Wigs are made and shipped within 14 business days (Mon-Fri) upon receiving hair.  Notice will be given in advance if this turnaround time will be sooner or later than anticipated. Upon arrival an email/photo will be sent to confirm the arrival of your hair for the making of the wig. 

WIG FUNCTIONALITY: Both U-Part and Full Wigs are versatile and can be worn a multiple of ways and partings can be worn in the middle of the head and/or left or right side.

MEASUREMENTS: All wig are custom fit per Damali Doll. Prior to shipping your hair, measurements are required. There is a link included of a 2 minute video that explains and demonstrates how to measure your head for the best and most comfortable custom wig fitting.


Feel free to contact Damali Wigs for additional questions. 

It is vital that you take the proper measurements to ensure the perfect fit.  Damali Wigs cannot be responsible for a poor fitting unit due to inaccurate measurements.  

PAYMENTS: Payments are due prior to the make of the wig. 

A Full Wig is either a made full with the addition of a frontal or closure and bundles. This option allows dolls to protect their natural hair all while achieving the look of a full extension install. 

Both U-Part and Full Wigs are versatile and can be worn a multiple of ways and partings can be worn in the middle of the head and/or left or right side. 

S         11        14            21                         14.5

M        11.5     14.5          22                         15

L         12        15            23                          15.5

XL       12.5     15.5         24                          16

CAP SIZE / MEASUREMENTS: We recommend the larger size if you measure in between sizes. 













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