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Curl Fest 2017

It was wonderful to attend the The Ultimate Natural Beauty Festival "Curl Fest" for the third year in a row. As I expected the event has grown to full capacity over the years. As more and more people are catching wind of the most sought after event for curly hair girls; and now gents. If you missed this years event you missed some of the most beautiful afros, twist outs, curls and guess what even some of the most well maintained beards. Yes the fellows are also making there way to this event that was once dominated by women.

In addition to the fellows showing off their well grown out beards they also sported locks and braids. Among the large crowd of people you could almost see the colors of the rainbow; as the crowd was full of curls and multiple colors.

There was nothing but positive energy floating amongst the crowds of people. Prospect park was filled with smiles and the aroma of street car foods from local vendors. Long lines trailed behind the food trucks patiently waiting to get there grub on. For those not so patient they opted out for local food like pizza outside of the park.

The event was nothing short of amazing vendors. Vendors with hair products (of course) but also vendors with African printed clothing, jewelry, hand bags and more. Some of the biggest beauty companies were there show casing their products such as: Kinky Curly, Miss Jessie's, Carol's Daughter, Eden Body Works, Dark and Lovely, and Shea Moisture (just to name a few).