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Lights, Camera, Cut with Damali!!!

So for hair stylist Mondays are golden. Reason beings it's one of our days off while America is starting their work week! However I was informed that I should attend the GetFussy event, Lights, Camera Cut. So instead of sleeping my Monday away I decided to attend.

So off into the city I go to attend this event knowing little about it or what to expect. Upon arrival ( after walking past the place and ending up on the other side of the street). I was greeted by another attendee. Slowly but surely all the other hair stylist looking to learn and advance their careers, started to roll in. All speaking about how beautiful the day was and chatting about their commutes.

I strongly believe that all stylist should continue to learn and strengthen their skill set to grow their careers. Which is the reason I decided to attend. I attend continuing education course as often as my schedule allows. It is said that to be the best you have to learn from the best. With that being said I was excited to see Mr. Mezei Jefferson teaching whose the Director of Education for Multicultural Brand L'Oreal. He was through, funny and informative.

The first day of the 2 Day workshop was filled with learning how to grab the attention of an audience, creating opening questions and most importantly learning to thank the audience for attending.

Through the exercises I was able to network with other stylist, discover that I really love speaking in front of a crowd and speak with more confidence. The exercises that we participated in were interactive, informative and fun. This workshop required everyone to think out side of the box, to be a leader and to stand in their own right as a teacher.

I'm glad that I decided to attend and can not wait until Day 2 of the Lights, Camera, Cut workshop! Stay Tuned...

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