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Find High Paying Clients!

Do you want to attract clients that are willing to pay big bucks to get their hair done? Here is how...

I have always positioned myself in areas and salons that attract quality clients. By doing so I have gained celebrity clients and business owners.


Location, location, location!!! Yes its important. Search the city that you would like to work in and determine with area is an expensive area where residents have good paying jobs. This is where you would like to work. In these types of areas you will find boutiques, high-end shopping malls and 5 star restaurants. Yes paying for a booth in these areas may be higher than norm, but remember the clients are willing to pay!


More than likely you will discover that high paying clients are those with disposable income. Meaning they having money to blow. Great for you. These clients will more than likely be married (two incomes), work in a high position at with their company or perhaps own the company, getting their hair done is a necessity and they will need you on demand.

High paying clients may also be older or even retired.

Salon Reputation:

Google search or Yelp the top salons in that area to see what clients have to say about the salons. This will also help you to find a great salon with top paying clients.

Appearance Matters:

Make an honest effort to appeal to the clients that you would like to attract. Meaning look the part (look like one of them). Be sure to dress nice, have your hair styled and make up applied. This all matters because your client has high standards and so should you!

Where to find these clients:

1. Gym

They have a reputation to withhold and for that reason they will be at the gym burning calories. Its known that most successful people wake up early, so you may have to catch them between 5a and 8a. Early! I know but the early bird gets the worm:).

2. Shopping Mall

Remember they have money to blow. So of course they can be found in shopping malls.

3. Resturants

They love to have brunch after a great workout. Sit and have brunch in snazzy places that are sure to have some top paying potential clients.

So if you are looking to attract high paying clients, you have to target them and go where they are. Obtaining these clients can be easy as long as you have a plan to find them, attack them and retain them.

It is one thing to find and attract the clients that you would like. You also have to offer quality service and experience in order to keep a high paying client.

Best of luck:)


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