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Premiere Orlando Recap!

So this is probably the 5th time that I attended the Premiere Orlando Hair Show. This may have been the best one yet! I say that because I had so much fun. From the time I walked in you could feel the energy of beauty professionals ready to learn.

I sat in the Change Your Work Week Class with Tye Caldwell, CEO of ShearShare. A company I absolutely love and recommend. There was some good information given in the class such as: changing the way the beauty industry is working, making additional income for salon owners and making the most use of your salon space.

Out with the old and in with the new! New classes, new technique and new vendors added to the show line up. I would say that CND Nails had the best experience. There entrance was filled with an array of colored ballots, which was so pretty.

The best part about the show was that I was spotted in the crowd by one of my book readers!! What a wonderful feeling. I was so dumb-founded and happy all at the same time. Im thankful o know that I am helping other stylist fulfill their dreams.

Salon Centric also had a pretty dope vendor booth. The coolest part was that they were making and handing out cotton candy as you walked in. Then they had a really snazzy trailer salon used as the photo booth. At upon departing their booth, there was a pair of guys painting a mural.

I can not wait to attend the next show. Next time I would love to host one of my own classes at the show, how awesome would that be!!!

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