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Mother's Day Salon Promotion Ideas!

Its that time again to celebrate the amazing moms in our lives!!! This holiday is especially important for beauty professionals and those who work in salons. This is the time of year where moms want to look exceptionally pretty and kids want their moms to feel and look amazing. One of the best gifts a mom could receive is beauty.

Its fast approaching Sunday May 13, 2018! So there is about two weeks left for beauty professionals to get the word out about their Mother's Day Promotions. This week will be the perfect time to let clients know what promotions you'll be running. Im sure it can be difficult yo to decide exactly what promotion to run, so I figured Id lend a hand. Here are some great ideas:

5 Mother’s Day Promo Ideas

1. Do some cross promtion marketing. Perhaps there is a nail tech that you know which would be interested in working together. Maybe include a shampoo/blowout and a pedicure for a flat rate. If space allows set up a nail station in your salon so the pampering is done in one place. Don't forget someone sweet and bubbly.

2.Add a complimentary head massage for all moms who book during the weekend of Mothers day. Mom will leave feeling totally relaxed and totally beautiful!

3. Offer gift baskets full of your best selling retail items, or offer to customize a gift basket for mom. Provide a 15% discount and invite your guests to walk away gift in hand!

4. Talk to your beauty friends who provide other services and team up with them to provide a full salon experience! Maybe a facial, manicure, massage, etc. A full day of pampering for mom. A gift she won't forget.

5. Help mom to style her hair at home by offering half off DIY blowout class. Mom and daughter can attend and learn to blowout their own hair. This idea will be fun and interactive.

Be creative and keep your clients in mind! There are so many mom that deserve to be celebrated. Help someone give the gift of beauty to their mom this Mothers Day!

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