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Are you charging "Royal" worthy Prices?

This past week the world watched as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's tied the knot at their royal wedding! I must admit I was excited to see clips via social media and what a beautiful wedding. As a beauty professional of course my attention was focused on Meghan's hair, make-up and attire! Which was all put together quite beautifully. Honestly what really caught my attention was the price tag attached to your look. It is estimated the the cost of her hair and makeup was about $18, 000. Whoa!!! Crazy right?

So one may thing that that an outrageous price, right? Im sure in some eyes it is while others may think its fair. I believe that a beauty professional is able to create the financial freedom that they want by positioning them selves around the right kind of clientele. I mean for one what type of friend hooks you up on a blind date with a Prince??? Lol, my kind of friend, one that is well connected and has potential clients that can not only afford my services prices but over pay for them.

Clearly whomever the makeup-artist/ hair stylist that was honored to style Meghan for her special day must have been just as special and skilled. Special in the fact that they are surround with clients that are well off financially and skilled enough that clients would pay such enormous prices. I mean lets be real, how long could it have taken to style her hair and apply her makeup?? Long enough to get paid a whooping $18, 000.!!! I don't know about you but id surely take the job.

I say all this to say charge what you are worth!!! And add some on top of that:). If you carry yourself and business in a professional manner, you are worthy! Also if your skill set is up to par, you are worthy.

If you dream of getting paid crazy prices and working with the elite, you have to position yourself in the places that they are at. Re-evaluate your current business, clients and those you spend the most time with...will your current surrounds get you what you want/need financially? If not you have work to do, if so hats off to you.

Until next time, stay motivated and focused on building a bankable beauty business.

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