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What does it takes to complete a photo shoot?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to complete a photo shoot? Like how artist team up in order to get the shoot done? You always see the finished look but not the behind the scenes.

It's been a minute since Ive styled hair for a photo shoot maybe a month (as I gasp). Reason being I've been so busy with other sectors of hair styling, on vacation and being a traveling hair stylist; between Tampa, Fl and New York City.

Any who lets get to the juicy info of collaborating and working with a great team and creating magic! So my New York team always contacts me when shooting. I must say I've connected with some amazingly talented artist, Magdalena Nizol and Teague Vivolo and we mesh so well.

Let me back up, I actually meet both of these ladies by way of another Mua. So it's who you know and not what you the photographer contacts and makes connections with agencies so we can in return get great models, preferably ones with a large social media following. Choosing the agencies with the top models is key to creating a platform for your artistry.

So after the photographer finds a model, they then create a call sheet with every ones info, studio location, and time of shoot. Also so that everyone has an idea of what look were attempting to create the photographer creates a vision board with photos of the targeted make up and hair. This way everyone is on the same accord even before the shoot begins. With that said a photographer is vital to a successful photo shoot.

Once all that is set, it's time to shoot! Now with all that planning you'd think everything would go well and as planned...nope not the case all the time. Things such as the model getting sick, not having the correct wardrobe or it rains and you were planning to shoot outside...these things could totally ruin a photo shoot...but if they don't all the planning makes for a smooth and effective shoot.

So the model arrives, hair and makeup begins and once she's ready it's time for wardrobe. Now sometimes you can have a wardrobe stylist onsite, the model brings cloths or the photographer will pull cloths (remember the photographer is a key element to the shoot). Whether you have a stylist on site or not depends on serval aspects (that's another blog post lol).

So once the model has hair, makeup and is dressed, finally it's time to shoot (by this time 1-2 hours has passed). The model knows from the mood/vision board what poses and looks that were attempting to recreate. The hair stylist is to be attentive to the model moves and fixing the hair, the make up artist is attentive to any fixes with makeup and the photographer is to bring the complete look together.

So there you have it...what it takes to complete a photo shoot. Stay tuned…

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