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How I landed a spot on Ted Gibson's Artistic Team!

Are you setting goals!?! My life is surrounded by my goals. Everything I do is goal inspired. One of my biggest goals for 2016 was to be a Global ️️Educator, teaching hair stylist the tricks and trades of styling and business. After contacting several hair companies seeking educators I finally landed a position! Not any position but "THE" position on Ted Gibson Artistic Team! Now how did this come about might you ask:)??? Preparation and belief. The first time I applied for the position, I was too late all audition slots were filled. So the next time auditions were posted I was determined to gain a slot for myself. However I wasn't the only ambitious hair stylist with a dream to be a global ️Educator. Again the audition slots were filled. I couldn't believe it but I didn't take no for an answer. I emailed the coordinator back and advised him that if any changes come about to please let me know as I really was interested. Because I believe in speaking things into existence I added the audition date to my google calendar (because I was going to those auditions). Weeks went by and I heard nothing back from the coordinator. So again I emailed back a friendly reminder saying "hey just checking in to see if anything had changed or if anyone canceled". I never received a response...until the day of the auditions... On May 9th at 9am (I didn't check my email until 10a) the coordinator sent me an email informing me that a stylist couldn't make it and there was a slot open at 1p. I panicked!!!! What???? That's three hours from now and I have no idea what the audition includes. So I quickly got my life together, contemplated what I was going to present and how fast I could get ready and get to NYC from NJ (about a 40 minute commute)! Once I got my life (makeup, wig and outfit). I then headed to the city still unaware of what ones going to present on. I was told that the presentation was to be 15 minutes long and would consist of a panel of questions afterwards. what I was thinking. I was debating between presenting on following your dreams or the power of wearing a wig...wigs won. Too bad I didn't have any of my custom wigs styled and ready to go. But I knew there was a Wig and Plus beauty supply store near Ted Gibson Salon and decided to stop there and get two wigs to present with. Grabbed my wigs and headed to make something out of nothing. I arrived at Ted Gibson salon on 5th Ave!!! There was a panel of judges including the Ted Gibson and his husband Jason. Needless to say they loved my presentation. I showed them how you can change your look in a matter of seconds and the difference it can make. Ted Gibson loved my presentation so much that he offered me a job on on the spot!!!! I live for this:) :) :)!!! Be on the look out for Damali Fils at your next local hair show. Stay tuned...

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