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Styled Angela Yee for Jam'N 94.5 Summer Jam

There is nothing sweeter than receiving a text message both asking if you would like to travel to Boston AND style Angela's Yee's hair (of The Breakfast Club) for the 2016 Jam'n 94.5 Summer Jam! But of course I would love to, was my response!!! Without even knowing all the details, I was all in and too excited. So remember I said I didn't know all the details...including what style Angela desired. I quickly turned into stalker mode, lol. Tip* Know/study your client, how they usually wear their hair (color, extensions, straight or wavy, etc). So I instantly googled " Angela Yee's hair styles". I know this may sound corny but hey I believe that if you do the research you will be better prepared. There were so many gorgeous photos, which consumed of varies hair styles. Nothing out of the ordinary though. With little to no direction as far as the style; I made sure to familiarize myself with her current and past hair looks. I found that she currently wears her hair straight with a blonde ombre or with two simple but fashionable corn rows braided backward (that I later found out are usually done by her assistant, Diamond) So on Thursday June 16, 2016 at what seemed like the crack of dawn....6:30a we (Patrice and Nefertari Co-Founders of BeautyLync and the makeup artist Regenna) headed to Boston from NYC ( about 4.5 hour drive). Did I mention it was a gloomy and oh so rainy day...eww. Even under those nasty weather circumstances we managed to arrive on time with time to spare. We took a few minutes to spruce our selves up in the hotel bathroom and then off to transform Angela's look with hair and make-up! Although I had did my research of Angela's hair styles...boy was I wrong about how she wanted her hair styled. I kindly asked how she wanted her her and she showed me pictures of a bohemian braided up-do style. WAIT....WHAT!!!??? I thought to you mean you don't want your hair flat ironed bone straight or two corn row braids?!?! LOL. I was so NOT prepared lol. But of course I dd not show it in my facial expression or skillset. I quickly "got my life" and adjusted to her chosen style. Considering I was not aware of the style she wanted, in preparing my hair kit, I made sure to pack a little of everything...whosh good thing I did, lol! PREPARATION saved my tail!!! So I really wanted to include in this blog the makeup look that Angela was wearing. Upon asking Regenna Carson what look she gave Angela, she told me...that she wanted her eyes to pop so she added a light nude shade of eye liner to the bottom of her lash line while applying black to her top lash line. Knowing the Angela was in for a hot humid day she then added moisturizer to her skin and primer for foundation. Clinique is one of Regenna favs because it leaves the skin soft and lasts all day, which is what Angela needed. To seal the deal...lips...she used whirl lip liner by Mac and put a soft glossy pink lipstick on by Sephora. And once makeup was complete Angela look flawless. While styling her hair doing makeup all at the same time....we got to know Angela a little. I was excited to share conversations on real estate, stocks and investing as it is also something that I am currently doing on my own life. She's most definitely posse beauty and brains. An hour or so later...finally done with both hair and makeup. I was so nervous that she wouldn't like her its been awhile since I've done a braided style. But nope she loved it and said it looked exactly like the picture that she showed me. Yes...hehehe. Which was so perfect as the hair and makeup complimented the white dumper that she wore. This was such a great experience. The braided style challenged me but in the end I was victorious...Stay Tuned

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