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Curl Fest

So this was my second year attending the curl fest. Honestly what curly hair girl wouldn't want to attend this event???? What in amazing event with a great purpose!

Last year I took them with me and she loved the event. This year I drag my husband out who became so handy, lol. With his many talents on this day he became a photographer. Snap....snap...snap!!!

There was no missing this event as upon arriving all you witnessed were beautiful afros and neatly created cornrows. What a site to see. And what a beautiful day to stroll through the park in order to arrive at the location of the Curl Fest.

As we strolled up...I was in awe as the the extremely long line, of natural beauties in line to goody bags. I must admit last year I walked away with a pretty awesome bag of products. However this year I opted out of a goodie bag, saving myself the agony in waiting in a line that looked to be never ending.

As I bypassed the line, there was this gentlemen with the tallest high top I've ever seen. I mean geesh...and of course the hair stylist in me wanted to lay my fingers on it. To be polite I resisted touching who I'd later discover was the Benny Harlem (I'm sure you've seen him as a photo of him and his daughter have been gracing the Internet in amazement over their hair). I snap a quick photo with them abs kept it moving.

Moving threw the crowds of mostly women (very little male population) all I saw was creative hair styles and color. From pink and blue afros to exotic braided styles. All a site to see. I ran into two friend girls while seated on the ground in anticipation of a Dove event, "girl talk" that spoke on the importance of loving yourself and your natural hair. It was the cutest most intimate setting even in the mist of all that was happening and al the attendees.

Amongst the vendors were Shea Moisture, Cantu, Curly Girl, Mane Choice, Dove and many more. I particularity favored the set up of Mane Choice as the purple color scheme stood out. And just in case any of the naturalistas became hungry there were food trucks ready to feed the crowds of women. You had choices of delicious cheesy treats, American food or tasty Caribbean food. All which smelled yummy. As I was not starved for food I settled for an icy from a ice cream cart on wheels, lol!

My high lights of the event included the painting station, where beautiful art pieces were being made. Cantu had a gaming station which the attendees seemed to love all their area was filled with individuals playing life size games. My favorite was the hula hoop station, There you could find girls and women of all ages being a kid again...spinning hoops around their hips while laughing.

Curl Fest 2016 was an amazing event. I am so gracious that events like this exist. Stay tuned for more adventures in my world of beauty…

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