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Traveling Hair Stylist Adventure

The thought of visiting Tampa was super exciting considering I hadn't been there in 6 months since my unexpected move to NYC! As a hair stylist relocating not only to a new location BUT to a whole entire different state is challenging. Especially building a new clientele which can be a timely process. With that in mind I decided to travel to Tampa to service some my existing clients and a couple of new ones. It started as a thought and turned into both booking a flight and accepting deposits to hold hair appointments. The highly anticipated day began with a wake up call of 5a (although I went to bed at 1a) to catch a 7:25a flight. October is my birthday month and I love hosting parties for myself. With the help of a friend we planned a brunch party and invited some close friends and family members. So of course, I had to look fab when I arrived, so I beat my face in the NY airport bathroom and got dressed In the Tampa airport bathroom stall. Which was quiet amazing to onlookers who even gave side eyes and smart remarks. The party was scheduled for 11a and my flight just happen to land at 10:15a...what a day and that was just the beginning. After a successful and oh so cute brunch party for my 30th to style some hair I went! I was sure that by mid-day Id be tired but honestly once I was back in my hair styling zone and with my awesome clients who missed me, it felt like I'd gotten an extra boost! I was able to style two beautiful clients the first day and 14 more the following three days! With the help of an amazing assistant of course, Shareeka Screen. With her help I was able to knock out more great hair styles in a timely manner and keep my clients happy. I've always dreamed of being a traveling hair stylist and surely didn't not know it would come about with a move to NYC. My first experience traveling from NYC to Tampa FL was tiring but very rewarding. I'll be doing it again in the near future. #superwoman

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