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Summer So Blonde

The Summer is looking real blonde as several celebrities have been spotted wearing blonde hair. From Cardi B to Blac Chyna. I am so here for the blonde hair looks. I promise they make me want to go blonde.

I so agree that since it is summer that these looks should be short and sassy with the extra spicy touch of the look being blonde. Cards B's center part bob was all types of perfect! I mean look how gorgeous she looks. Her look is so bomb, from her red outfit to her simple and neat beat face. You may have missed it but she also has somewhat of a darker root which makes the look not so bright. Regardless Im so here for her look.

Black Chyna has most def been in the spot light lately. She has always looked great in blonde hair. Wearing a bob similar to Cardi B's Chyna's bob is bomb, her stylist decided to go with a darker root. I believe the key to pulling off blonde is to take advantage of wearing it with a darker root. This makes the look not so bright on your skin toned. Im also loving Chyna nude and simple makeup choice.

Yass Monica show them how its done!!! if I ever go blonde this will be my idea look. Short and effortless. This look is so simple but yet so powerful. She wears it so well. We have seen her in many looks but this tops it. She looks gorgeous from head to toe. Loving this white and red stripped outfit. Go head Monica!

Thinking of trying blonde? But don't want to commit? Damali has the perfect wig just for you!!! Try this full lace 613 bob wig. Go blonde with a wig and not damage your natural hair by coloring it. Link below to purchase!

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